Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Episode 319-Now What?

Oops! Forgot to post the show notes for this one...

My podcasting experience gets put to good use.

I comment on the 2010 midterm elections.

As always, I welcome comments.

Also, don't forget that anybody who listens is invited to do an episode of "David's Salon" with me. Just have a topic--any topic--and get in touch with me to set up a recording time.

Music Today:

"Our Lives" by Mevio Music Alley artist Steffan Coonan

"Common Ground" by Mevio Music Alley artist David Ippolito

"Love Plus Action Equals Peace" by Mevio Music Alley artist Viajah Morgan

Intro Music:

"Deep Cycle Discharge" by Music Alley artists Simon James and Derek K. Miller

Thanks for listening,and Stay Powerful!

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