Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Episode 453-The American Idol Update-The Top 13

Once again, Tom and I are back to discuss and dissect the performances on the Top 13 week of American Idol.


This week's theme was "This Is Me," featuring songs the contestants chose to represent who they are to the world.


How well did they do?

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Episode 452-Eighth Anniversararium Plus One

It's my eighth anniversary of my podcast, and I'm celebrating by talking about some recent challenges and insights that I reached. I'm also renewing my commitment to doing the show more often. Thanks for your support over the years, and I look forward to bringing more episodes to you!


Music today:


Intro: "Deep Cycle Discharge" by Mevio Music Alley artists Simon James and Derek K. Miller


"These Years and Still (Piero Peluche Mix)" by Mevio Music Alley artist Kara Square

"The Unknown Show" by Mevio Music Alley group Quebb


Contact me:


Voicemail: 989-372-1489


Twitter: @bluejeansguy


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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Episode 451-The American Idol Update-Rush Week

Yep, we're back! American Idol has been revamped and we're ready to talk about the new format, the new contestants, and, well, you know how Ramble Redhead is...


This week, we talk about the all-new "Rush Week" for American Idol, where we get to hear the Top 10 guys and Top 10 Girls and decide which five will likely go home.


Oh, and a quick note to Nicole From Nowhere: I'm really very sorry...

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