Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Episode 331-Requiem for a Friend

Today is my fifth anniversararium of my podcast.

I'm grateful for the support over the years, as it has made it much easier to keep going with this.

For this week's show, I pay tribute to a friend who made a huge impact on my life.

As always, I welcome comments.

Also, don't forget that anybody who listens is invited to do an episode of "David's Salon" with me. Just have a topic--any topic--and get in touch with me to set up a recording time.

Music Today:

"Amazing Grace" by Mevio Music Alley artist David Spak

"River to an Ocean" by Mevio Music Alley artist Cassandra Kubinski

Intro Music:

"Deep Cycle Discharge" by Mevio Music Alley artists Simon James and Derek K. Miller

Thanks for listening,and Stay Powerful!

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