Saturday, July 28, 2012

Episode 407-Ask Me a Question

Tributes to the Colorado movie theatre victims, Astronaut Sally Ride, and a brief synopsis of my life.

I asked for people to Tweet Me a Question, and I got one...from Facebook.

Many thanks to Ed Smith of Podlitically Incorrect!

Thank you also for listening, and maybe you have a question you want to ask me?

Contact me at:

Voicemail: 989-372-1489

@bluejeansguy on Twitter

Thanks always for listening!

Music credits:

"Deep Cycle Discharge" by Mevio Music Alley artists Simon James and Derek K. Miller

"Keep Your Head Up High" by Mevio Music Alley artist Montgomery A Thousand

"Listen to Your Heart" by Mevio Music Alley artist Jenni Alpert

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