Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Episode 576-The Beginning of the End

Paul is back for a live episode!

We talk about our weekend at the Green Jeans Family Compound, and all of the fun that we have had so far. 

Paul returns with some Myrtle Beach News.

David makes a big announcement about the future of the show. After September 10, 2016, the show will be renamed "The Denims." Nothing else will be changing, but this honors that Paul is now a part of the show, and a more inclusive title was in order. To celebrate this, and the fact that we will need some new show art, we are sponsoring a contest with rules simpler than those guys in Albuquerque:

Contest rules:

Make us a logo for the new show. Yep, nothing complicated here, but here are the parameters that we are establishing:

The logo should be at least 1200x1200 pixels square with at least 300 dpi resolution. This is a requirement of iTunes and Google Play for listing the show.

The logo must be exported in a universal graphics format like .jpg or .png

The logo must include the show's new title, "The Denims."

Special consideration will be given to logos that mention our membership in the Pride 48 network.

All fonts, images, etc., must be public domain or licensed exclusively to the show so we stay on the good side of the intelletual property lawyers out there on the interwebs.

Submissions are due by Midnight August 31, 2016. Send artwork to David will acknowledge every submission so we make sure that nothing gets away.

Paul and David will pick a winner and two Honorable Mentions. The winner will be the main show art that displays when an episode plays. The Honorable Mentions will be used on a rotating basis as embedded episode art.

Winner will receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card. Honorable Mentions will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card. 

As far as eligibility, make sure you are in a legal jurisdiction that allows contest entries and receiving an Amazon Gift Card as a prize. 

(Was that simple enough, Daniel Brewer?)


Contact us:



Google Voicemail: 989-372-1489 (David) (Paul)

Thanks always for listening!

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