Friday, June 30, 2017

Episode 611-That Blue Jeans Guy Live on Pride 48 2017

They brought back Will and Grace and Roseanne, so why not bring my old show back for a limited engagement? By "limited engagement," I mean one episode streamed live during the Pride 48 weekend.

In this special episode I tell the 12-Minute Story I never got to tell (thanks, Mike Lawson!).

I do a musical tribute to some fallen podcasters (get yer earplugs ready), and just natter on for a while.

Intro music: "Deep Cycle Discharge" by Simon James and Derek K. Miller

Musical accompaniment during the tragedy...I mean tribute song: "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables (Instrumental)" by David Keith Jones.

Thanks to everyone who showed up in the chat room, and thank you for listening!

Check out this episode!

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