Saturday, June 18, 2016

Episode 572-The Comeback Show with Mags

After the hiatus, David returns to live shows on Pride 48!

Due to not yet having a laptop computer (and no iPad apps that can connect to the stream), this show is brought you courtesy of Mags of Chaotic Ravings/Chaotic Thoughts via Google Hangout.

I apologize for the crazy sound levels. The microphone on the iPhone earbuds are more sensitive than I realize.

Also, since there is no easy way to move a file from Dropbox to iCloud Drive or into GarageBand for iOS, the show will have to be uploaded raw with no theme music.

Thanks again to everybody for your support after the fire and during the interim period. We are both so blessed!

Join me (and usually Mr. Green Jeans) live in the chat room at at 10pm Eastern every Tuesday night.

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Google Voicemail: 989-372-1489 (David) (Paul)

Thanks always for listening!

Check out this episode!

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