Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Episode 574-Rising From the Ashes: The Pride 48 Weekend Show

It's the Pride 48 June Streaming Weekend Event (seriously, we need a better name for this thing), and Paul and I are back to entertain you, enlighten you, and just make you sick with how adorable we can be together.

We were on the stream courtesy of "NPR" Christina Hill from Greetings From Nowhere, who hosted our Google Hangout and kept us in touch with the chat room.

We skimmed over the stories of what had happened since we were abruptly bumped off the air by the fire. We also touched on the events in Orlando. Also, I talked about the passing of my 18-year-old kitty Henri.

We did a few messages, and we learned a few things about how sensitive earbud microphones are. Sorry for the sound issues!

Thank you again to Christina Hill for her support during our show, and for recording and editing this for us!

Join me (and usually Mr. Green Jeans) live in the chat room at Pride48.com at 10pm Eastern every Tuesday night.

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Thanks always for listening!

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