Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Vision As It Currently Is

I have decided to share some of the process of the Keys to the Kingdom class I am currently experiencing.

My assignment for this week was to construct a vision for myself in five key areas: Health, Finances, Relationships, Career and Creative Self-Expression, and Spiritual and Personal Growth. This vision is a picture of the person I wish to be and the life I wish to live. Like all visions, it is based upon where I am at the time, and it is always subject to change. I have decided to share this vision, and I reserve the right to revise it and repost it as I see necessary. Blessings to all of you.

My Vision For My Health

My health is a direct reflection of the value I place upon myself. My vision for perfect health is of a body that functions at peak efficiency at all times. My blood chemistry is well within the range of what is considered healthy. My body mass index is within the range of what is considered healthy. My musculature is toned and athletic. I support the health and right functioning with proper eating and proper exercise. I challenge my body to grow more healthy with frequent physical activity that pushes my limits in a healthy way. I support my body and mind's health by ensuring that I get adequate sleep. I support my body's continued health with regular visits to my health care providers and I follow their advice joyfully. My body is the finest example of a "temple for God" that it possibly can be.

In addition to a healthy body, I also recognize the value of a healthy mind. I am aware that health in my body is directly related to health in my mind. I support a healthy mind by being aware of the thoughts that I hold. If I find that my thoughts are not of the highest nature, I gently remind myself of thoughts that lift me higher and put me back on a healthy path. If I find that these thoughts are persistent and recurrent, I seek counseling to get a "reality check," and insight that supports the growth opportunity that is presenting itself. I am aware of the idea that "garbage in means garbage out," and I seek to put into my mind only the most healthy and clear of ideas and material. This does not mean living in a "bubble" or shutting myself off from the rest of the world. It simply means that I will be "in the world, but not of the world." I challenge myself to face the ideas, situations, and people I would judge to be most abhorrent and/or challenging, knowing that I do not have to adopt them as my own, and learn to find my own center in the middle of what appears to be a "storm." I face my fears and dislikes and through it all, I know that I will grow.

My Vision for My Finances

My finances are a direct reflection of the value I place upon myself. My vision for my finances is that I have enough money to meet all of my financial obligations, now and in the future. I am as debt-free as I dare to be. I use loans and credit wisely and only when absolutely necessary. I am a giver to life, and I give freely and often. I give, trusting that more will be made available to give. I trust enough to know that hoarding is holding back my good and attaching myself to things that may no longer serve me. I hold on to the things that truly hold value and for me, and I release the things that no longer hold meaning for me. I joyously support my spiritual communities with my tithes and I give with no expectation. In my finances, I am worthy of being in the flow and sharing that flow with others.

My Vision for My Relationships

My relationships are a reflection of the value I place upon myself. I am a valuable creation of God, and my relationships echo that value in my life. I treat every person I know as an equally valuable creation of God. Furthermore, I treat every person with whom I come into contact as an equally valuable creation of God, and in every interaction I honor the God within them. This is true not only for the interactions that I would call "good" and also for the interactions I would call "challenging." In truth, they are all good, because they exist for our mutual growth and evolution. In my relationship with my partner, I recognize him as a sacred part of my life. I honor our relationship as two individuals with our own wants and needs, and yet as one soul with a common life path. Every day I renew my commitment to being the kind of person with whom I would want to be in a relationship, and I know that my relationships with others will reflect that attitude. My Vision
My Career and Creative Self-Expression

My career is a reflection of the value I place upon myself. My career is a channel for the good that the Kingdom has in store for me. My career is more than just a paycheck; it is a direct expression of the value that I place upon myself. I renew my commitment to being the kind of employee who is the example of how good things can be. I give without reservation the services I have to offer to my place of employment and receive in kind the good that I dare to allow myself to receive. I challenge myself daily to be more and to do more to build up the place where I work. I build myself as a leader by building other leaders. I share responsibility with others and only take upon myself the duties and tasks that must not be delegated away. I challenge myself to seek new ways to grow and increase my skills so that I am more flexible and more open to opportunities that present themselves.

My creative self-expression is another avenue where I express the value I place upon myself. Whatever the medium I choose, I challenge myself to be open and authentic with the expression. If it is writing a blog entry, I let my written words match my innermost thoughts. If it is my podcast, I let my speech be open and authentic. If it is dance, I let my body move freely and gracefully to the music that I hear. If it is cooking, I prepare meals that are nutritious and flavorful. If I encounter a new way of expressing myself, I give myself freely and openly to that expression, knowing that Spirit knows no bounds and limitations. I give myself creatively to the world knowing that I will attract the audience that is mine to attract, and I release any attachment or perceived need for "applause." I see the value within critiques and seek to know what is mine to know and to know where I am being called to grow.

My Vision for My Spiritual and Personal Growth

My spiritual growth is a direct reflection of the value I place upon myself. I give myself time every day to go away from life's routine and be with myself. During this time, I may read something inspirational, like the Daily Word. I will also give myself time for prayer and meditation. In the silence, I seek to hear that "still, small voice" that I recognize as the voice of Spirit--my true nature. I seek new ways to connect with Spirit within. I may choose to do a walking meditation or yoga or something that I have never tried before. I realize that my relationship with Spirit is the most important relationship that I have, for it is truly THE relationship that I have with myself.

My personal growth is a direct reflection of the value I place upon myself. In all aspects of my life experience, I seek to be more than I was in the previous moment. I challenge myself to accept nothing less than the best that life has to offer. I realize that everything in my life is a result of a creative thought I had at some point. If I judge something in my life to be unattractive, I challenge myself to seek the thought that attracted that something to me and heal that thought with a higher thought. I bless and release the "unattractive" thing as a lesson learned and a step on my path to a greater expression of wholeness. I seek always to grow and to be more of the Divine potential I know I can be.

This is my vision for myself as of February 16, 2012. Like all visions, it is a destination toward which I journey. Like all visions, it is subject to change, and I welcome all opportunities to seek a higher vision for myself. I give myself permission to change my mind as life experience presents the opportunities to do so.

I give myself to Life.

David Edward Byrd, II

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